I am raising money for several charities and have launched my own campaign called #itsnotalwaysalump. My mission is to raise breast care awareness and target the world of womens sport. 

I feel passionately, about supporting local projects, research into cancer cures and raising awareness of breast cancer and early detection.

So the main focus of my fundraising will be to support firstly, the Macmillan Renton Unit in Hereford, for which I have been truely grateful to have such a great team and centre on my doorstep.

Secondly, The Royal Marsden , who are a world-leading cancer centre pioneering in new treatments that save lives. Follow Emmy Coates story that explains the importance of research and her connection with the centre.

Thirdly, Coppafeel . I have no desire to reinvent the wheel when it comes to the early detection of Breast Cancer, as so many charities are already out there doing such great things, instead I want to support one and share their passion.

Coppafeel are a young, growing charity that I really admire and love their campaign. They have the same message as I have and thats to get self examination out there and regularly to as many young females as possible.

I believe I can support their campaign a little by targeting what I know and drive the campaign through womens sport.

​Finally, the campaign will also support small local charities that have come into my life due to my experience. For instance recently I was admitted to hospital and thanks to LINC  and their donation I could have a very comfortable room with luxuries such as my own shower and sky TV, it made my time there very comforting and meant such a lot to me. 

If this fundraisng campaign can give a little back to all Ive benefited from and go toward the future of cancer cures and comfort then I feel my efforts have been worth it.

Thank you kindly for making a donation and please know it will go such a long way towards such great things.


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